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Become an Affiliate

You are invited to become an affiliate for Text Formatter Plus.

From the very positive reaction we have already had, we are convinced that the program will be very popular. One small mention about the beta version in a German ezine led to over 600 website visitors in a day from Germany and Austria.

Therefore it should be a good opportunity for affiliates.

The program sells for US$19.95 and the affiliate percentage is 40%.

We use share it! as our payment processor. To sign up as an affiliate, please follow the steps below.


1.You can sign up as an affiliate by clicking on this link.

2. Once you have signed up as an affiliate with us and share it! have notified you of your affiliate id, you will need to add the following html code to all of your links to the Text Formatter Plus page:


It's very important to replace the yyyyy with your affiliate id otherwise there won't be any record of your referral.

3. When a visitor clicks on the link, share it! will drop a cookie with the FormatBlue Software id and your id on the visitor's computer. When that visitor orders, you will then be credited with the affiliate percentage for the order.


If you have any questions about the affiliate program, please email us.