Manage Snippets and Folders

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Add Snippet: Creates a new snippet. You can also use Ctrl+Alt+A. Snippets can be nested within other snippets.


Add Folder: Creates a new folder


Save Snippet: Saves the text in a Snippet. And when you change from your current snippet to another snippet or a folder, any changes to the first snippet are automatically saved.



Right-click in the treelist to:



Add a folder at the top level.


Move a folder to the top level.


Move a folder up one level.


Snippets and folders can be sorted alphabetically or custom-sorted in the order you want. Custom-sorted snippets and folders are shown with a green mark.

To change the sorting order, right-click in the treelist on the left hand side and select 'Change to Alphabetical/Custom Sorting'.




To open multiple snippets/folders, right-click select the one you want and then select 'Open in New Tab' - btOpenInNewTab.

When you have multiple tabs open, you can close any tab by clicking on the red cross at the top right of the tab.