Dictionaries for the following languages are available:

  1. right click your mouse on the link to the required dictionary or thesaurus
  2. click on 'Save Target As'
  3. choose where to save it on your computer and then download
  4. locate the folder where the program is (the default is: \Program Files\FormatBlue Software\SnippetHub\). Other countries' users may have a different name for \Program Files\). Then copy/move the new file to the Dictionaries sub-folder.
  5. open SnippetHub and click on 'Options'
  6. to add new dictionary, click on 'Configure' for 'Spell Check'
  7. put tick in box for the relevant language and unclick any language that you don't want to use.
  8. you can choose a different thesaurus by clicking on the thesaurus drop-down window.

If you have any problems with this process, please email us.