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KeywordConvert assists you with your Adwords advertising campaigns by instantaneously combining series of words together ..... and formatting keywords with square brackets and quotation marks. All you need to do is to type or paste your keywords in.

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Text Formatter Plus

Text Formatter Plus allows you to easily format your newsletters and ezines. It automatically adds hard returns at the line length you have specified so you know exactly how your ezine is going to look on your readers' computers.

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One user had this to say about the program:

"I've tried out a lot of similar programs and this is clearly the best of its type I've ever come across. It's totally intuitive, does everything you need and is mercifully free of distracting bells and whistles."

SnippetHub (Beta Program)

SnippetHub allows you to write down notes with information, thoughts and ideas that you want to keep and then quickly retrieve them when you need to.

In addition, you can filter on snippet titles, see a history of recently-viewed snippets and import and export data to and from SnippetHub.

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